Now Available – Take Me

11792180_420086201514101_8106787541182159365_oSuperintelligence technician Garrick feels a rising tide of lust the moment step-sibling hacktivists Ryann and Jaxson stride into his life. They need Garrick’s help to free an enslaved superintelligence and sabotage his employer’s Syncorp’s massive oilsands projects. Garrick, whose work enables Syncorp to take advantage of millions of people with the same cyber-addiction he’s struggled with, agrees with only one caveat. He wants both the muscular, masculine Jaxson and the pierced and alluring Ryann, in every position imaginable. But will Garrick, about to infiltrate Syncorp’s fortress-like corporate headquarters and betray the cut-throat corporation, live long enough to bed his new lovers? Now on Amazon.

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