The Anticore Series

The Anticore series is a tale of hacktivism and sex in a ruined cyberpunk future.

Take Me (Anticore Part One)

take-me-bookmarkSuperintelligence technician Garrick feels a rising tide of lust the moment step-sibling hacktivists Ryann and Jaxson stride into his life. They need Garrick’s help to free an enslaved superintelligence and sabotage his employer’s Syncorp’s massive oilsands projects. Garrick, whose work enables Syncorp to take advantage of millions of people with the same cyber-addiction he’s struggled with, agrees with only one caveat. He wants both the muscular, masculine Jaxson and the pierced and alluring Ryann, in every position imaginable. But will Garrick, about to infiltrate Syncorp’s fortress-like corporate headquarters and betray the cut-throat corporation, live long enough to bed his new lovers? Now on Amazon and Smashwords.



Break Me (Anticore Part Two)

break-me-bookmarkGarrick’s first days between his new lovers Ryann and Jaxson have been just as sexy as he’d dreamed. But Syncorp puts a staggeringly large bounty on Garrick’s head, intent on making their former employee pay for his betrayal. As mercenaries close in around the trio, Garrick must ask himself whether he means as much to his new lovers as they do to him, and what it will mean if he’s wrong. Now available on Amazon and Smashwords.





Remake Me (Anticore Part Three)


As Syncorp’s forces close in around Garrick, Ryann and Jaxson, the trio hatch a desperate plan. They call in a favour from Darren Haydon, the leader of the very mercenaries paid to hunt them, to protect Garrick long enough to complete a dangerous and highly-illegal new-identity generation. Can Garrick trust this unpredictable gun for hire? Will he emerge intact from the new-identity brain-hacking? And what will the hyper-masculine Darren want as payment? Now available on Amazon and Smashwords.




The Scenic Route (Anticore Part Four)

the-scenic-route resizeAs Garrick, Ryann and Jaxson flee westward, they’re pursued by a tenacious and mysterious stranger with a penchant for interrupting at the worst possible times. With the pursuer more than a match for Garrick and the siblings, can the trio survive being hunted? Will they reach Vancouver intact? And will poor Garrick ever get off? Now available on Amazon.


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